Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Think DYUSA, baby!

I just got a nudge from a complete stranger, yet an old friend to blog once again. I have been on the go constantly. I went to New Orleans for DYUSA and NAD conference. I am disappointed to state that I only went to two workshops in a week. I blame the Hand Grenades and all of that Hurricanes. Aside from being hungover half of the time, I learned a lot and made new friends. :)

For the next NAD conference, I'll be more involved and participate in many workshops as possible. I was lucky to go to NAD conference because I went to DYUSA. Deaf Youth USA. NAD gave a basic registration plan to the DYUSA members and it is probably the best thing they could have done for the youth community. I feel more motivated and empowered as a Deaf person now.

DYUSA is a brand new concept which is all based on a thesis by Melissa Malzkuhn. Bless her soul, she may not realize it yet but she changed our lives. She travelled to Europe for WFD and was flabbergasted by how Europeans aged 18 to 30 worked together and made processive changes for their countries. She brought the concept back to USA and pumped us up with the possiblities we could do for our country. During July 3 to 7, we all rolled our sleeves up and pumped our ideas and passions during the weekend before NAD conference while spraying ourselves silly with insect repellents.

We came up with so many ideas. I will share one idea with you all so you can get an idea of what we are going to do to make a positive change for our country. We will find somebody who is certified from EHDI, Early Hearing Detection Intervention program to train us to become an EI ourselves for the next DYUSA event which hopefully will happen next summer. From what I understand, the training only lasts two days and the impact on the future Deaf babies will be everlasting. Too many hearing people are taking control of our Deaf babies and they do not know what they are talking about most of the time.

It is time for us to step up and to take control of our Deaf babies. That is one of many agendas we have stirred up while at New Orleans. Along with the stirring during the days, the mosquitos stirred around and savored our legs at the nights. Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat; it was worth all of the itching and the swearing that we would never camp out in the Deep South. ;)

Go to Donate. Read. Educate yourself. Empower others.

Thank you, my dear old friend for poking me awake from my recession to write once again.